Saturday, September 29, 2007


i have made yet another february sweater. i love the watermelon buttons. it is for alba if it is not too small. but there hasn't been much knitting and i miss it. days just go by faster than i like them to and my tiredness is chronic. the children are wearing me out but i start to get a little success. art lessons last week went well. they like to sit a cut pictures out of magazines in their favourite scale of colours. as a matter of fact they didn't want to go home that day.
and yesterday i went to a party at my old workplace. omg it was nice to be surrounded by old friends.
today it was my great nephew's birthday. he is the sweetes 3 year old one can imagine. very smart. knows the alphabet and was very happy with the caleidoscope i gave him. i am happy with my new joni mitchell cd that i listen to obsessively. it is a great cd. buy it whether you know her or not. a lovely mature singer.


tiennie said...

Beautiful february sweater! Love the little watermelon buttons. I keep meaning to knit this sweater too!

Peggy said...

Glad there are positive little things still in your life even if the kids are wearing you down.
The new sweater is adorable, especially those buttons!

Lydia said...

What's the Joni Mitchell CD? Does she have something new out? I love BLUE but have never really explored her other work.