Wednesday, September 26, 2007

norwegian models

here are the two brothers modeling the sweaters i knitted for them during my summerholiday. the three year old finally gave in and tried it on. i think he looks supercute and i like the little one's dress sense. he looks like he is giving his brother the final touch before going on the catwalk. and they are lovely boys. one is three on saturday and i wanted to knit the pirate hat for him as well. but other children takes all my attention... i really miss knitting. my fingers are itching when i see all the lovely choices of yarn all around the house not to mention all the wonderful books i bought recently. i am waiting to receive the only one i don't have in my zimmermann library: knitting workshop and then i got the walker treasuries. 4 large books with a lot of lovely patterns and of course a lot of not so lovely patterns. i think jared
should knit up all the swatches and take photographs. that would be a beautiful knitting book. i
know the webpage and that calls for inspiration as well. the book in itself is very poorly photographed and slightly oldfashioned and unfortunately a lot of the patterns are written and not charted. i am visual when it comes to patterns, i am afraid. another book i got is anna zilboorg's 45 funny and fanciful hats. it is a really cute book. and colourwork hats are my thing, i suppose. like other people have something for socks.


leandra said...

Great idea, I would love to have a knitting book from Jared. All patterns knit up in tweed :-)) And the pics would be just perfect and beautiful as always. Ahh, where can I order it?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they are cute!! It's nice to have little boys to knit for isn't it?

Are the school kids still wearing you down? Hope you get some nice quiet knitting weekends in soon!

hege said...

Very cute! I love those sweaters done up in other colors than the traditional. The boys will be nice and warm all winter!

Manuèle Ducret said...

They are super-cute.
And you idea is great! A knitting pattern book shooted by Jared, I would be willing to knit a whole afghan just to have a good reason to look at his photos all days (and night).
Knitting wirkshop is my favourite EZ book. Maybe because it was the first I got? I hope you'll find it as interesting as I did.
xo from Switzerland

Lydia said...

Check out this blog for photos of Walker stitches. I am slowly acquiring them as budget allows, starting in order, of course, b/c I am an obsessive English teacher about reading books in order :-O Don't you find it satisfying to just sit down with a stitch book like the Walker and think about all the wonderful things you want to make, even when you don't have time to actually do any knitting? I love that. And swatching. I've swatched a bunch of mosaic patterns just to see what they look like. It's fun!


Lydia said...

Duh, I forgot to include the link to the website you should check out in the previous comment. Here it is --

-- Lydia