Tuesday, September 4, 2007

and there has been more knitting

yes work is very tiring. i have to deal with children that are not very easy and some of them can't even sit on a chair yet. i have four classes. one is 7th grade and my favourites. there are those who are actually interested in learning english. but i have a 6th grade and it is all about noise and nothing seems to wear them out. not even my highpitched voice that annoys me quite a lot.

and then there is knitting. it is a refuge to do something that one is good at and experimenting to broaden one's skills.

i have made charlene schurch's: tassled fez in yorkshire tweed dk but without the tassles. it was great fun. i made one moderation i.e. to kitchener it together instead of backstitching or something. it is a great way to sew it together as i leaves flat seams in this rather compact product.

and the pirate hat was recepted with gratitude and an order for another hat. a venezuelan flag hat. i am not crazy about it, to say the least. but i am not going to wear it and it was a really fast knit. the wool is dale baby ull. not the most attractive wool either. i prefer rougher more rugged tweedy wools.

and there is some of this. ordered 20 skeins of beaverslide worsted. 10 for me and 10 for my friend. mine is a lovely mossy green and i am going to knit a cabled thing for my nephew, eventually.

and there has been ordering books on amazon. my friend is going to come here from the us and he will bring me barbara walker's treasuries. i cannot begin to say how much i am looking forward to browse them and get inspired.


tiennie said...

I really like that hat! Sorry that work is so stressful - hopefully it'll get better.

Anonymous said...

O! the Beaverslide! Mr. Brooklyntweed is doing another Beaverslide sweater and it looks so lucious. Maybe someday I'll order some.

I love the un-tasselled fez!
Sorry work is so tiring- hopefully things will calm down as you and the kids get used to each other and start being more interested in the English.

MoMo said...

I understand how frustrating that age group can be. I have a sixth grade homeroom this year. They came for the first day of school yesterday. All went well, but it was just the first day. I love 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, but their socializing can make teaching them a bit of a strain. Try telling those 6th graders they can only talk if they speak English!

Take a look at my last blog entry. I nominated you for something. I hope you haven't already been nominated for this before. I'll be thinking of you today, and hoping you have good, quiet classes.

kent said...

Ohhh, lovely color in the Beaverslide :)

Just opening the box is a wonderful experience on it's own (the lavender wafting up through those beautiful soft skeins, just ready to be snuggled)!

Hopefully, all the yarn and projects are soothing all those nerves from your new job???


Paula said...

The fez is great. Love the colors.

You will certainly enjoy Barbara Walker's books. My favorite is Charted Knitting Designs, but I have used them all for years.