Sunday, September 9, 2007

i still knit (a little)

it has been an eventful week. i was nominated a rockin' girl blogger on a day where i certainly didn't feel i rocked. or maybe i felt that my relationship with my new students was a bit rocky. it takes time to gain trust. and i was nominated by sheila, who teaches in michigan and i am very happy and thankful for the honour.
and i guess this means i should nominate someone as well. and then i think i will nominate peggy, who is one of my most frequent readers. peggy . her knitting rocks, and i cannot believe the amount she gets done. i also won a prize at her knittiversary. her son (s) rock too.

i have been knitting hats for the venezuelan pirate lately. the we call them pirates was made longer. so it has 7 pattern repeats. and the flag hat was very well recepted. i think it is all about homesickness, which i understand very well. and on the wearer of whom i unfortunately have no pictures the hat looks very nice and optimistic. i suppose you have to be venezuelan to wear it.

this is different from tomten. a tomten wearer can be of any age and nationality and tomten will always add to the cuteness of the wearer. i love alba in her tomten that my friend sewed a zipper into. and the fast cap looks extremely cute on her as well. actually the outfit makes her look a bit like a guide in the himalayans, and she was more than pleased with the bobbles.

work last week was an ordeal. those children have problems. and hence i get problems with them. but the new colleagues are so friendly and i adore the headmaster whose listening skills and caring, i shall never forget, whether i stay in this job or not. i think it is a rare thing to find a boss with such traits.


MoMo said...

You most certainly do rock, my friend! I love your idea of having the 6th grade students exchange letters. I know I have some boys and girls that would be very interested. I will get parental permission and see if I can get together a list of names, gender, and addresses for you, or would you like to send me a list and have my kids write first? If your children have internet access, we could even do e-mails. I hope this week will be better for you as you adjust to those frustrating kiddies.

becky c. said...

Hang in there!! Very cute tomten (the adorable model doesn't hurt)!

Peggy said...

Congrats Blog Rocker! Thanks for the nomination!
The tomten and cap are adorable, as is Alba, of course.

Sorry to hear the job is so tough. I have an aunt who has worked with learning disabled kids for 30 years, she says that no matter what, kids who choose not to learn can't be taught- and you can't sweat it!

I am glad to hear the rest of the staff is so supportive though. Hopefully things will get settle down soon.

I'm sending your package soon! It's been so long since I sent anything to Denmark, I'm quite excited!

tiennie said...

How cute! Congrats on the nomination. You are rockin'!

filambulle said...

Of course you rock!!!
I love the tomten. I must confess that I had doubts about the bobbles, and now i see that you where absolutely and entirely right about then. They rock too. Alba loves them too? Well she has good tastes that young lady.

The hat from the first picture seems very cute.

xo from switzerland

Lise said...

What a lovely tomten. I like the other stuff you've made as well. And also, congratulations on the nomination.

Rani said...

I absolutely love the color. That is so darn cute!

Lise said...

Tak for tippet. Det er altid godt med gode råd. Jeg vil lige tjekke siden du anbefalede ud.

Paula said...

The tomten with bobbles is adorable and so is your baby! I enjoy your blog.

Kent said...

I hope work get's better for you :)

The sweater and photos are incredibly cute!

Keep rockin' the blog,