Sunday, June 8, 2008

the january cardigan aka the fishtrap cardigan

here is my version of the fishtrap from knitter's almanac. it is for my dear tall tall nephew with the very long arms. never have i knitted sleeves that looong.

it took 8 skeins of canadian regal from meg on needles 4½mm. it is not a very expensive yarn but very lovely for a rough wool afficinado like me. i am much more after texture than softness. the colour is forest brown a very unusual greyish orangey brown. very hard to define. and i think this yarn has heirloom quality.

i wanted to add a feature of my 'own' and made a ribbed welt that is from the rest of the body by purling one row one the right side. the rib pattern is from ms. starmore's: fishermen's sweaters to be more exact the rib used for the sweater 'inisheer'. it is a usual way to design an original aran. gladys thompson also has a lot of examples of such welts in her book about aran patterns. this year is the year of cables for me. i have at least 3 more cable projects in my head. when i have finished na craga i am going to knit st. brigid form aran knitting for myself in hebridean 3 play from alice starmore. i can hardly wait to receive the parcel from the outer hebrides.

after posting last time i realised i had the same picture twice and claiming that everything went swimmingly. it does actually so i post another picture to prove it.


Shan said...

That's nice, doesn't he look sharp?

I liked St Brigid but I did have to keep an eye on those cables - no knitting-without-chart for me on that one.

Na craga looks great.

tiennie said...

It is amazing!! That is very cool of you to do - especially for someone so tall. Those sleeves would take forever!