Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i cannot begin to say what a big joy it is to knit na craga. the pattern is so well and logically orchestrated. and the result is quite beautiful. i only hope the sweater will stay in shape and not pill awfully..

i am knitting a lot in public these days. i get all kinds of comments from strangers passing by like:

how diligent you are (elderly ladies)

is this for someone for christmas (middleaged men)

and all such things.

the lady remark is very process oriented.

the man remark is very product oriented.

i wonder if that applies for most things in life.

but the funniest thing was yesterday when i saw a youngish woman sitting knitting by one of the lakes here i cph. i went to the bench and took out my knitting too. and after a very short time we were talking and talking about knitting and designers and colours and good and bad ways to write patterns. she was actually writing a pattern for a company. i was shocked to hear how little those companies pay for such a big effort. i sometimes think it could be fun to publish knitting patterns but i want money, that's what i want, as the song goes. it is sad that it gets paid so badly and it is even more sad that it is because knitting is so biased. but maybe that will change in the future. i think we need handwork in the world today where so many people don't do much else but eating and playing on the computer whenever they have some time off!!!

oh and i have decided to go on a small trip to vilnius lithuania. i have heard there is a whole lot of knitting going on there. i will indulge.


tiennie said...

Na craga is lovely.

Too true about knit designers. I wonder if this is the reason why people are now publishing their designs to their own site in order to make money.

Anonymous said...


Your making ME want to make a Na Craga now too :)

Someday perhaps...soooo behind with my SSAC!

I totally agree with you & Tiennie on how they treat knit designers...not fair at all!

I think with the advent-creation of Ravelry and other online avenues (such as on a designer's website or blog) the designers will get a fair return on their investment / time / artistry / creative genious will be awarded...or at least I hope!

Vivienne said...

And far too many knitters seem to resent having to pay anything for a pattern at all. I'm very grateful to the designers who put free patterns on their sites, but unless we as knitters are also willing to pay for the work, they can't keep going.

I have tagged you for a meme by the way, but do feel free to ignore it.