Wednesday, October 17, 2007


as all my blogfriends little sons get pirate sweaters why shouldn't carl, age 3. he got all the pirate gear for his birthday and soon he will get this coffee and cream pirate sweater. it is of course adrian's chart i have been rearraging and adding some teeth to in jaeger extra fine merino from cucumberpatch. great yarn, lovely elasticity and stitch definition but not my kind of yarn, really. but it does make you yearn for a nice piece of chocolate.....
i am having one weeks holiday and i cannot really believe ever going back. but i shall straighten my back. arrgh.
i got quite inspired by my latin american scarf. i would like to make all kinds of scarves with different colour combos. even cheery ones like the last. but maybe not with the flag stripes. it is amazing where knitting can take you. all of a sudden i know sooooooooooo much about flags and the number of stars and the proportions between the colours. i also know where almost all american states are situated. i want to know the whereabouts of my blogfriends.
and when i am dreaming my life away i dream about a trip to the us studying lys', music and ending up in knitting camp or studying el chullo in peru. i think i am seriously in need of quality time.
it is sad that being a volunteer at ravelry is possible from one's own computer. otherwise i'd volunteer anyday.
in the meantime. knitting and listening to the lovely salvador duran from mexico singing and playing guitar on the album solo pasiĆ³n.


tiennie said...

That is going to be one fantastic sweater! Very cool!

Peggy said...

Great sweater! It does look wonderfully chocolately.
I'm glad you're taking a quick holiday- it should be easier to go back and face the kids next time.

Take care!