Wednesday, October 31, 2007

baah, pure new wool

i have started the scarf and i am going to put it away for a while. i will need to do stranded knitting all over the scarf instead of stripes. the two colour patterns i have chosen have a very tight tension and hence all the scarf needs to be like that. but i really like knitting all the letters. great graphic fun.
and look what was in the mail. big sky blue mctaggart tweed for a tomten for my cute great nephew albert. i purchased all the colourcards from leanne at beaverslide (and a hell of a lot of wool not yet knitted) and this blue is simply stunning. i adore it. and hope my niece, maja, will as well. this will be my 4th tomten. i love the simplicity of this pattern which makes your choice of wool all the more important. i feel the greatest urge to knit a sweater for my friend peter in the same colour. he and i have been close-knit (no pun intended) friends for 25 years now, and i did knit him a sweater in brioche stitch many years ago, but maybe it is about time again. i hope to get out of the job i have now (i am on sick leave) and into another that is more me very soon, so my only worry about purchasing wool will be the fear of moths. in ravelry and on various knitting blogs it seems to be a bit embarrasing to buy a lot of wool. i don't mind as long as it doesn't break the bank. i am not planning to enroll in some kind of AA for knitters. i actually have a principle of knitting up a ball of yarn a day and i succeed pretty much in this. i have to dash because i want to clean my house and attack all the beautiful blue skeins for some mindless knitting while listening to herbie hancock: river, the joni letters. happy knitting.

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tiennie said...

Your stranding work is so nice! Enjoy the new yarn!