Monday, October 8, 2007

little green

seeing alba on the green lawn made me think about joni mitchell's old song little green expect that this is a song about the child she had to leave and who she met 20 years or so later with the help of the world wide web. it also made me think of one of favourite emily dickinson poems # 1333:

A little madness in the Spring
Is whole even for the King
But God be with the Clown-
Who ponders this tremendous scene-
This whole Experiment of Green-
As if it were his Own!

only that it isn't spring.

But these pictures of this little green girl also speak for themselves. she is adored and she is getting independent. not totally, far from, but definitely daring.

and my niece told me that the little norwegian sweater got lost. they looked for it high and low with no result. it was alba who had decided that it would be nice to sleep with when she is in creche faraway from mom and dad. i am very honoured to be the provider of the two things she sleeps with. knut, the polar bear and the sweater.

my other niece has decided that woolies are not such a bad thing for little boys. so i have a seamless hybrid pirate sweater and a tomten on the list now. it is good to be able to change opinions.


Manuèle Ducret said...

She is so adorable in her green outfit!
How is the fairisle going? ;-)

tiennie said...

So adorable in all that green! So darn cute too!

MoMo said...

Alba is so precious! Is green her favorite color or is it yours?

I love Emily Dickinson's poems and have since my early teens (many long years ago).

Peggy said...

She is so adorable! Is it getting so chilly in Copenhagen already?
It's so sweet how she has taken her special sweater to sleep with. My Danish host-brother always slept with a wooly lambs-skin.

Glad you're creating wool converts!

Mary Lou said...

Beautiful sweater, pictures, and poem. Isn't it rewarding when something you knitted is so loved?

Paula said...

She is an adorable wee green nisse! I so love the bobbles on the hood. Have to remember that next time I knit a tomten. That first photo of Alba laughing with the leaves on the ground is too precious!

sarah shepherd said...

I embroidered a design onto a top my mother knit for my niece ... she was so excited to get it she slept with it on too! I love that!