Tuesday, October 23, 2007

shiver me timbers!!!!!!!

AHOY MATEY, here is one finished pirate sweater. the pattern is the seamless hybrid with shirt yoke and the charts are adrians and mine. the yarn is jaeger extra fine merino.
i hope carl will be happy with this creation and i also hope the seamless hybrid will work as well on a little man as on a big one. oh how i love knitting for other people and making them happy.

yesterday i said to the venezuelan friend i have got. pleaassssssssssssse don't wash alpaca in the washing machine and he said: i'd always handwash. but it seems that the hat and the scarf has been put away until he is traveling home on a family visit. how cute is that. and he has customers for me. it seems that the hat has become a fad in the venezuelan community here and he asked if i take orders. no i don't take orders on dreadlock covers in lego colours but will happy make one for him and one selected friend every now and then. so i am going to whip a few off before it is tomten time and cable time featuring beaverslide.

i ordered big sky blue mctaggart tweed for a tomten for albert. alba's was a big hit so now albert wants one too. or his mum. and the tweed from beaverslide is so lovely. maybe i will cable it up a bit. that could look nice. the mother finds bobbles a bit too much on the feminine side. lucky her that i never knit a february sweater for her little boy.

it is autumn here now. lovely crisp air. it makes me feel whole and happy with the autumn sun on the big blue sky.


tiennie said...

Love the sweater! That is so sweet of your Venezuelan friend and sweet of you to knit all the hats!

Peggy said...

Great little sweater! It looks very soft.
You're sounding much more positive today... hopefully life is getting more manageable?

Can't wait to see the beaverslide and cables and garter stitch.
Enjoy your autumn!