Saturday, October 13, 2007

a scarf for rafael

here is a scarf for rafael, my venezuelan i. i saw him wearing it with pride from the bus and that made my little knitter heart jump with joy. and even though it is much more colourful than what i usually make i ended up liking it. especially since it suits the recipient very well since he is not a pale dane.
it is a tube that i kitchenered at both ends. it is made of six skeins of drops alpaca. thes charts are from hats on and scarf style.
rafael loves indians and has a tattoo saying: geronimo. hence the little knitted indians. he is also a great bird lover and has a multitude of tattoed birds on his arms. hence the birds. and the colours are the colours of the venezuelan flag. the blue colour symbolizes the water that separates venezuela from spain. the yellow the corn and the red symbolizes the bloodshed of the venezuelan people.
and then i have to say it again. americans have all the fun. spent last night with my aunt who lives in colorado. she is in a knitting group with cheryl oberle and i am envious. i knitted cheryl's kimono shawl and instantly recognized my aunt's scarf as one of cheryl's designs and then they are friends as well. a small small world isn't it.


Manuèle Ducret said...

Yeah! I knew that fair isle would blend the colours well, and I admire you choice of motives.
I would love to see the scarf on its owner. Bravo!

MoMo said...

What a bright and beautiful scarf! He should wear it with pride!

Kent said...

Ohhh, beautiful scarf!

I especially like the color play & symbolism :)


Anonymous said...

Great scarf!
I love how you used the colors and motifs for such personal symbolism. Definately a wear-with-pride piece.