Friday, October 19, 2007

caminante hay no camino

no this is not a spanish blog. for the reason that i know no spanish. but i have listened to the song based on the poem by antonio machado, which priscilla gibson roberts also quotes in knitting in the old way and it sort of reminds me of my life right now: walker there is no road, you make the road by walking. i love that sentence. i reminds me, even though i feel so desperate about my jobsituation, that i can walk away and create another road in life as i walk. it is not a no way out situation. but the changes has to emerge pretty soon, i know that.
and when i sit thinking of all this, i knit. and as i knit i create new ideas for knitting. one idea is to knit literature scarves with poems on. a green one quoting emily dickinson or simply a scarf saying: caminante hay no camino, se hace camino al andar..... then the truth would warm my neck :-))
the pirate sweater is proceeding swimmingly. i suppose i will finish it tonight. and then i have purchased some wool. it looks like an old man's dreadlocks a bit. i want to knit a snail hat from the opinionated knitter. then i can wear it in class to keep out the noise....
and all the lovely cablework goes nowhere at all. i sometimes get so stressed out by my stash. and that is ridiculous. luckily i read jean's lovely blog the other day and she adresses this subject so wisely, as so many other. if you don't know her blog you should go there.
happy knitting.


Peggy said...

You are right. We can always make a new path. I hoping (jobwise) you'll find the right path soon.

I like the idea of truth warming your neck. It's nice to knit something with meaning.

Until then, keep knitting. Thinking of you!

tiennie said...

I hope things look up for you soon! Wishing you well!

Lydia said...

Oooh. The snail hat. I want to make one, too. Saw a lovely snail hat that was sort of floppy and beret-ish (looked very 1930's French couture) on a woman at Rhinebeck last weekend. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. Cool pirates.