Wednesday, November 7, 2007

hats on!!!!

the three-spiral hat in two versions. the grey one is adriafil: diamond. a yarn that looks like homespun and is quite soft. it doesn't really show the construction of the hat off. so i made one more- soft ice- whipped cream- thing in bulky lopi. this yarn is not soft, to say the least but it shows off the construction of the hat really well.
and then i have knit a bowtie scarf out of one skein of beaverslide. all i can say is soft and yet sculptural. beaverslide is really something else. i think i will wear this scarf quite a lot. practical and soft.
and i am doing another in one of the beaverslide sample yarns i bought a few months ago. i blend it with some noro silk garden from last years clapotis galore. it looks nice and somewhat early 70'es.
oh and i have been confronted with my knitting the last few days. when i came to visit my sister unexpectedly she was wearing the aubergine fair isle i made for her back in may. and when the venezuelan came to visit me unexpectedly yesterday he was wearing the whole gear (well only one hat a time). i suppose this is what happens when you knit something exclusively directed at the recipient. hopefully my friend peter is going to like his beaverslide sweater. he rejected to get cobblestone, that i had planned to knit, so i will make a pattern myself, the little red hen said (as elizabeth said and started the whole schoolhouse press business). i am thinking very much of that these days. she was about my age when she started it. what should i start. if i wanted to make business out of my hobby, i don't think i am in the right place. and i think if the lys' in a city like copenhagen all carry more or less the same stuff, it must be what's in demand. and maybe it is much too much work and hardship for a single woman....


tiennie said...

Great hats. I'm always weary of turning a hobby into a business - what if it takes away all my enjoyment? It's suppose to be relaxing for me. I admire people that can successful do it though!

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking about trying out business too. This fishtrap was a commissioned sweater... and last time I went into a yarn shop the owner's mother-in-law asked me to come back so owner could meet me and see m work!!! could I ever make a living off this?

Who knows, but I do love the hats and cute scarf.