Thursday, November 15, 2007

hello again.

i was the lucky winner of tiennie's 4000th commenter contest. no wonder, tiennie, that you have so many commenters. not only do you dilegently send a response to every commenter and comment on people's blogs but you are also tooooo generous. it is lovely blue moon socks that rock in the colourway ms. rock. i think it is lovely and although i rarely knit socks this will be converted into lovely socks. soon.
the bowtie scarf is the second of it's kind so far. it is made out of beaverslide: fisherman's weight and scraps of noro silk garden. and it is warm.
other knitting news are that i received a swift and a ball winder in the post today. omg is that lovely. i am producing yarn cakes like crazy. i also got the yarn for my friend peter's sweater for which i have swatched and blocked tonight. if i were not going to knit a sweater for my lovely and lovable friend i think i'd knit:

an adult tomten 'brooklyn tweed' style for mr. leonard cohen. saw him in concert twice and i cannot begin to say how much he has meant for me, musicwise. i would choose tomten for this two-piece armani suit guy because he is getting older ( he sings: because of a few songs wherein i spoke of their mystery, women have been awfully kind to my old age) , which means he needs nice woolies and because he lived in a zen-buddhist convent and i think tomten is a bit monk like with the big hood.

the other celebrity i would like to knit for is rufus wainwright. i admire rufus' lovely voice and charming appearances in concert. he is also a gay activist in a way. that is maybe not all that important here in denmark, but from what i read at various blogs, very imperative in the u.s.
i think i would choose to knit him some bavarian twisted stitch stockings. as you can see he'd probably cherish that. he always ends his performance going on stage in a terry-cloth bathrobe and tubesocks and then all of a sudden jumping out of the outfit into another outfit which could be a fairy princess outfit or something like that.

the third person i would like to knit something for is nick cave, australian musician and director. saw him in ireland and in the operahouse here in copenhagen a few years ago. and i adore him. he would get an argyle slipover and some mittens for these girls of whom, he sings:

Where is Mona?She's long goneWhere is Mary? She's taken her along. But they haven't put their mittens onAnd there's fifteen feet of pure white snow.

i suppose they would come in handy.

i am afraid friends and family are first priority though. i got an email this morning from carl and albert's mum who wrote: i want to take back everything i ever said about knitted things for my sons. they wear their sweaters to pieces.....
that was nice. and it means i have to speed up the knitting, as there are more to knit for.

and i you guys would like to get yourselves something knitterly order montse stanley: a knitter's handbook.
i think it will soon be the most important knitting reference book i ever owned. it covers everything and has some lovely examples of beautiful spanish knitting from the last century and some adorable chullos. get it. it is cheap and you need it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being tiennie's prize winner! nice yarn.
Well, it sounds like you have your work cut out for you, knitting for so many handsome men...

enjoy it!

tiennie said...

I'm glad you like it. If you don't want to knit socks, how about a hat? or mittens? or combined with another skein of sock yarn - a chevron scarf? Yay for getting your swift and winder too! Enjoy all your goodies!

Shan said...

Hey I love that you have ideas to knit for celebrities...I was thinking of posting something similar and now I definitely will!

Came here from Jean Miles, where I read your comment on the little girl who knit the sweater for the woman who gained weight. Was that "The Endless Steppe"? That anecdote is ringing a bell but I haven't read that book in about twenty years so I can't be sure it was that book.

Vivienne said...

The book is 'The Endless Steppe' by Esther Hautzig - I have a copy and checked.

I really came here to say thank you for recommending Rufus Wainwright - I found "Release the Stars" in my local Borders today for half price, so I bought it, and love it.