Sunday, November 18, 2007

a proper knitting project

i have a proper knitting project on the needles now. and i am hoping it will be smooth sailing as i would very much like to finish it in the beginning of december and cast on for the seamless saddle-shoulder aran. finally.

this is for peter. peter is my friend numero uno. the best, the funniest, the most empathetic, the craziest. and omg we have been in each other's life for a long time. strangely i haven't knitted anything for him for the last 23 years or something but better late than never. and it is certainly not because he isn't inspiring to knit to.

it is beaverslide worsted in the colourway glacier heather. a lovely blue.

another lovely thing that has happened is that i have sorted out m stash. i have a boatload of yarn and i actually know what i want to use most of it for. the army green beaverslide is for my nephew's saddle shouldered aran, the brown and grey rowanspun would work perfectly for the tangled yoke by eunny jang (one for me and one for my sis). the plum yorkshire tweed could be a lovely sweater for another friend of mine.

oh and maybe it will end up as something completely different. knitter's choice.

i love all the possibilities in there are with a little wool and some needles and keep telling my nephew's girlfriend that there really isn't much more to it than knit and purl. i would very much like to teach somebody to knit. somebody who would get addicted like i did. maybe i should get some needles and wool for alba soon??? or albert...


Peggy said...

You're sounding so positive now, it's great!
The beaverslide is so pretty, it's going to be lovely sweater.

I like listening to all your planning, while you're doing those tangled yokes want to make one for me too? Maybe I'll make one myself... when I get through the other 4 sweaters I have planned.

I want to teach someone to knit too. My boys like to try it every now and then, the 4 year old is getting close to getting it!

tiennie said...

Looking at your stash all nicely arranged does make it more fun to go and find a project to work on!