Thursday, November 22, 2007


danish poet, henrik nordbrandt, writes:

the year has sixteen months
december, january, february
march, april, may,
june, july, august
september, october, november,

and it seems like november lasts forever. and i feel much more exposed to the tristesse of this month this year than ever before. maybe it comes with age. it is like looking at the world through a greasy lens. at 1 o'clock it starts getting dark. and photography is impossible.

but the knitting blooms. it is for all the senses.

it is nice to fondle, it is nice to look at all the lovely yarns, it is nice to hear people praise your yarns and fo's, it is nice to taste the feeling of success when you finish something, it is nice to smell wool, and it is nice to use your sixth sense when finding out who needs the next project you plan the most.....


becky c. said...

If November really did last that long, I could actually get all my Christmas knitting done!

Anonymous said...

I am in Canada for the first time in ten years for a November and I love it. It promises us long evenings to knit or read or puzzle. It lends itself to comfort meals. It forces us to slow down from the bussle of the summer. I am glad it is a long month as your poet describes it.

Peggy said...

November here has seemed to go on forever. I don't think its the lack of daylight, it being sick for 4 weeks on top of everything else. Time to stop complaining though.

I loved November in DK, I would watch the sunset on the early train home from school each day. It was always the most beautiful part of my day.

tiennie said...

That is really lovely!