Thursday, November 1, 2007

you look good in blue.....

you look good in blue by blondie is a song from the late 70es that makes me nostalgic. but when it comes to my friend peter it is true he looks good, very good in blue, with his blue eyes and grey hair. sooo distinguished. and we were friends for ever and a day, or to be more precise 25 years. so what did this knitter do, who has been so talkative about the amounts of yarn in her stash do. oh i ordered glacier heather (light greyish blue) wool at beaverslide. i thought why don't i knit him a sweater ever. i knit for loads of people but this particular person, who is probably more loved by me than most, i never knit anything for. i had planned to knit cobblestone but peter would rather have a plain old raglan. i love the raglan style as well. and before the yarn arrives from the foothills of rocky mountains, i may have come up with some ideas for spicing it up a bit.
and it was albert's blue tomten (the bluebert) that made me hungry for blue again. it used to be my colour for many many years until i got into this ochre, siena, earthen brown colour preference. blue is relaxing in a very special way. a little bit like baby pink which is the colour that is the most relaxing to look at of them all. you actually produce practically no brain waves when looking at it.

and when i was at it i went to my lys to buy some more yarn. garnstudio: eskimo. it is a very cheap yarn and i will have a go at the snail hat that didn't work out well in the grey yarn i got for it. i taught the owner the crochet cast on. i have fiddled around to teach myself this so it was nice to pass on the knowledge. she has a great shop in the historic center of copenhagen and we had a long chat about VK, IK and the starmores. i wish there were more money in that business then i would try to find a job as a shop clerk.. but i am single and high maintenance so i better find something that pays better in the teaching industry. only i am done with children. at the moment i find it unbearable to even think about teaching children ever again. i am on sick leave and hope to find a teacher/counsellor job with adults very soon. wish me luck.

the green knitting is a bowtie scarf in mctaggart tweed: sweetgrass. i think it will be great when finished. only i don't think it is a one skein wonder so i ordered another.


tiennie said...

That is a pretty color. My hubby has blue eyes too and I love seeing him wear all different shades of blue. That will be a nice gift.

I hope you find a better job soon!

Peggy said...

You've certainly been busy. Hope the job looking is going well. You deserve to be ina place where you're happy and taken care of.

And the wool... Oh my. The blue would just match my Gabriel's eyes. They are so blue.

I was thinking about my scarf and I think I'll knit a very very wide short tube so the letters can all be in one line. Of course, I haven't cast on yet, but I've been thinking about it.