Saturday, November 24, 2007

sheep may safely graze

went to the sheep breeder's christmas market today. it was of very little interest. and i wanted to take some photos of the different stall holders but they were not all that interested. i was like a time warp into the seventies. big boxy knits. i am not sure i like it very much. i think handknits should be handknits and there is no reason to knit something that could be done better in another technique but there is no reason for no shape either. but everything was wooly which is nice and i liked different sheep paraphernalia i saw. i bought to skeins of a lovely coffee brown wool and a little felted mouse for alba who i was going to meet later. she found the mouse extremely funny. and it is very much fun to be with her as one is starting to see the contours of the person she will be. she is very interested in the well being of her dolls and other cuddly things.
i also went to the christmas bazaar in the swedish church. omg what a lot of people all dressed in folk costumes. i think the swedes are much more prone to this than the danes. a lot of christmas goodies, woodwork and such. i did not buy anything though.
and then i were out with alba and her mom and ended up eating soup with them.

i have refound and ordered a book from my childhood in which there is a heartbreaking story about knitting. it is called the endless steppe and i ordered it at amazon. i shall look very much forward to reading it again.
and the sweater for peter is going swimmingly. he texts me everyday to ask how the thing is proceeding. the beaverslide worsted is a dream to work with. i cannot begin to say how much i love working with it. it is hard not to order boatloads of this yarn. my next project- the nephew saddle shoulder- is luckily going to be knit with beaverslide as well. and i cannot wait to knit with the green colour which is so soothing to look at. and i think i am a cable girl after all. it is an amazingly pretty feature.


Shan said...

Hmm, what a flood of memories when you say "The Endless Steppe". It's on my shelf but I haven't read it in about 20 years.

*free-associates on T.E.Steppe* let's see...her name is Esther. When the Jewish quarter is rounded up she wants to take the photo albums but her mum won't let her.... there's a Russian girl named Svetlana with long blonde hair. Esther tries to make her hair look like that by washing it with yellow mud.... There's a party and her grandmother pushes Esther's cuticles back while helping her get ready.

And, of course, the terrible knitting bit.

Anonymous said...

In Mexico "alba" is the word for sunrise. I am sure that Alba lives up to her name. I liked the Norwegian knitting in the background of the little sheep picture.

tiennie said...

How nice that Peter is really looking forward to his sweater. I love it when people really want you to knit for them.

kgirl said...

oh, childhood book memories are lovely, aren't they?

Please tell me that's a real reindeer?!