Saturday, July 28, 2007

a continued story about norwegian sweaters

i am certainly having fun with my norwegian creations. finished albert's sweater yesterday and wet blocked it. i am quite pleased with this little no nonsense sweater and love the classic boy colours. i don't think i have ever seen a more beautiful navy blue colour. unfortunately the yarn is discontinued and there is no more navy blue rowanspun to get. the whole thing has been knit while listening to gillian welch and dreaming of future holidays checking out the music scene in the united states by bus, knitting. ending up in meg's camp!!! it is nice to dream. and who knows????

unfortunately i will not see albert before next week so in lack of a live model i came along the two young men outside my train station.
the green knitting is for carl, the eldest of my great nephews and is a really fun knit. it will not be long.

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Peggy said...

You knit that so fast!! I realize it's for an infant, but still. Your knitting amazes me! The colors are wonderful. The green one will be lovely.

Yes, come to America!