Monday, July 30, 2007

summer has not hit copenhagen (yet)

it is so cold and windy here in copenhagen. i am having a holiday and at this time of year i usually love to go on sales to get lovely summer clothes 70% off reg. price. and i did this year too. i bought lovely oliver goldsmith 60es sunglasses and my hopes were high for summer. the next week i went to buy a coat because all my hopes were gone. the worst thing about it is that next summer is so far away. and since i am a teacher there is no way i can plan when to take some time off.
so i went to my have a look in my closet for something wooly to wear and found these three fo's that i have not shown on my blog before because they were knit last autumn before i started blogging.

the first one is cheryl oberle's 'kimono shawl'. and large stole in a muted lime green. one of my favorite colours for reddish skin..... i used it a lot last year. it is made out of 300 grammes indiecita alpaca.

the second is ivy bigelow's midwest moonlight from scarf style. it is made out of 125 grammes elsebeth lavold: silky wool. it has a lovely drape and a gorgeous muted heather colour. i used it all the time last year. i should make some for christmas presents this year, i think.

and the last one is my much loved clapotis by kate gilbert. i love this pattern inside out, literally speaking. i made 7 in all. 1 for me. one for my colleague who was going through radiation therapy, to keep her warm, when going to the hospital on her bike. one for another colleague (she paid the yarn) and 4 for female family members. my colleagues' wore their clapotis' all the time and i was so happy. i think one of them actually moved into her's. they take between 6-7 skeins of noro silk garden or kureyon. if you haven't made one yet, do yourself the favour. one of the advantages of noro silk garden is you learn so much about putting unusual colours together. all of a sudden i could see what a lovely match coffee brown, denim blue, and purple is.
i love all kate's patterns. made the adorable samantha sweater and the pea pod set for alba when she was a few months old. you can purchase the pattern at kate's website and the pea pod set is a free pattern from interweave.

the last sweater for carl, is proceeding, but boy how i dislike knitting small circumferences in the round. knit one sleeve on dpns and ripped the whole thing. remade it on 2 circs. and the result isn't very much better but as good as it gets. washing and blocking will help (i hope).

and tomorrow i am going to a gig with gillian welch. my nephew and his girlfriend and i will go out for dinner at a lovely vietnamese restaurant and then to the gig. i love gillian welch who i got to know three years ago in new york. and although she isn't 'so new york' it always reminds me of that lovely week spent with my best friend peter in a snow blizzard in new york... and i love asian food....


filambulle said...

hmmm, gorgeous. I am in love with silky wool, and of course noro yarns are amazing...
have you tryed kidsilk haze? i received it as a gift for my subscription to rowan magazine, but I love knitting with it, and will probably use it again when I am in a "fluffy" mood.
I don't really know what a gig is, but I wish you lots of pleasure.

tiennie said...

What beautiful projects! I've ordered the yarn for my 1st clapotis - I can't wait!

Vietnamese food is the yummiest!

kathy in juneau said...

I'm feeling the same way about our summer in Juneau. I went searching for a scarf to wear to my son's soccer game last night. If I'm already wearing my cold weather clothes in July what will I wear in November???

Your scarves are beautiful! said...

My goodness -- what a contrast in weather we have with you. Southern California is so hot I dream of wearing those lovely shawls in a breeze. I can't believe you knit 7 clapotis! I have never made one- is it difficult? Your green kimono shawl the best ~ fabulous workmanship! Have a great time on holiday!

Lene said...

You make gorgeus sweaters! May I ask what kind of yarn you used for the yoke sweaters for your sister and niece? - I have a lot of trouble imagining how yarn acts when it's knitted up?

We may finally get some nice weather next week it seems... Lets hope so!

Lots of greetings