Thursday, July 12, 2007

got my knitting mojo back

i got my knitting mojo back and i must say the weather is excellent for knitting wooly garments. i have embarked on knitting a norwegian sweater for a one year old yesterday in rowanspun dk (mist and thorn). it is proceeding swimmingly and i think i am going to love it. it is not the least babyish but that is refreshing. and even though it is for a girl it is not girlish either which is no wonder since the original sweaters were part of norwegian men's clothing. every norwegian i have ever met has been so proud of these sweaters.

i am going to crochet steek the armholes and hope everything will turn out just fine.

it is actually the third i made of these sweaters. i made two for men back in the eighties. one survived (including steeks) the owner's youth spent in new york. i like that thought.

my sources of inspiration is zimmermann but also my old book of norwegian knitting patterns that i was given by my grandmother which elizabeth has also used as a reference and a danish knitting book from the eighties knitting in the nordic tradition.

although the weather is good for knitting i am desperate to see the sun.


wendy said...

It looks so lovely...I love the colors!

Peggy said...

I saw this over on Zimmermania too. I love using such grown up patterns for little people, Alba will look so sweet in those lovely heathered colors.

tiennieknits said...

Your mojo came back with a roar! Beautiful knitting.

Rani said...

Wow! This is going to be a much loved gift! Go MoJo GO!

picperfic said... that is beautiful knitting. I am keen to try some steeking but I have knit something that needs steeking first! Glad you found your mojo..I hate it when it disappears!