Wednesday, July 18, 2007


i finished the norwegian sweater. it has turned of very nicely and i will post more about it when i have taken some pics of the recipient in it. the recipient has been in spain on her first holiday ever and it was so great to see her again after the hiatus. she has got a new habit: at first she looks very reserved when seeing you and then she lights up in the loveliest smile. it is amazing how close one can feel to a baby even if it isn't your own.

and i am knitting on the green tomten now. i dont really know if i like it. i am not at all sure about the colour but i like the bubbles. it looks a bit like something you could buy in the grocery store and since it is my third tomten the knitting is smooth yet boring sailing.

right now i feel a bit obliged to knit certain things for certain people (including myself) and it is amazing how i always manage to turn hobbies into duties. but i like it anyway. i would like to clear my stash and wait to buy new yarn until i have used what i have i.e. a lot of tweedy yarn.

i do have a penchant for tweedy yarn.

2 comments: said...

I thought your tomten with bobbles was a fun whimsical idea. Your daughter is at the age where you can dress her in things that are more playful! I would love to see the photos of your other tomtens. That is next on my list. I am in awe with the Norwegian sweater the work is so beautifully detailed. I am intimidated to try such a project.

Peggy said...

You finished the lusekofte! You certainly have some mojo!!! I can't wait to see the pics with Alba.
If you don't want to knit the Tomten, don't! That color wool would be fun in a stranded design, if you don't want something completely green.