Sunday, July 22, 2007

lusekofte # 2

i like to knit several similar sweaters, one after the other. and with everyone you get more grip on the techniques. and i like trying new techniques. and then i think i like colourwork a great deal. i like the logic of the patterns. and that you have to think to space them correctly and the beauty of them. i am not quite sure if i like the norwegian patterns graphic qualities or the fair isle patterns watercolour qualities better. both are so lovely.
these are pictures of my current wip. again rowanspun dk. this is for the aforementioned albert. in the lower picture you can see where i plan to steek. it is a great technique.
the older brother, carl, is going to have a slightly different striped version of a lusekofte. his is going to be the same colours as alba's which will suit his moss green eyes very well.
what a joy to be a great aunt. and how sweet the title sounds in english.

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tiennie said...

I like the colors of this one very much!