Thursday, July 19, 2007

retro knitting

i finished the sweater and i am pretty satisfied with the result. i think steeks are a lovely invention. i love the norwegian patterns, i love the simplicity of the sweater where K is 100 and sleeves are 50 % of K on the top. i love the knitted up hem with a contrast colour for 'insiders'. and i think the norwegian sweaters give such a lovely fresh look to the wearers, small or big. and more than anything i love the rowanspun dk. it is the most lovely, but discountinued, yarn. when you put it into water it softens up and becomes almost felted. i love my ez knitting books and my books of nordic knitting.
and of course i love the little girl who is going to wear it to pieces.

and i love it so much that i have already embarked on a new one. i am going to make sweaters, not similar, for my two cute great nephews.

the first one is going to be grey and navy. the second is going to be brown and green, i think.

the original norwegian sweaters are black and white but i am not sure about how much i like black for children. which colour should one wear as a grown up if one starts with black before year one????

tomorrow i will deliver the sweater to alba and take some pics of here in it.


tiennie said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent! That is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You've been knitting like crazy lately!! The sweater is beautiful. That Alba is one lucky girl.

Rani said...

You're amazingly quick! A pair of socks takes me months! What a beautiful work of art. Truly!