Saturday, July 14, 2007


i dare say i got the knitting mojo back with a roar, as tiennie commented. the sweater is progressing faster than expected and i am in love with it. it includes so many interesting techniques and the sweater in itself is such a classic. i even want to knit one for the father as well. why should it always be mother and daughters that match. well well i will hold my breath as i have so much else to knit. maybe a sweater for myself. haven't knitted a sweater for me since '89. and i do have the yarn that came all the way from america....

i tried to cut a swatch i made in rowanspun yesterday. i am now convinced that it takes no reinforcements but will do some anyway.

and i plan to knit a stand up collar with alba's name inside the hem with red yarn. it adds to the norwegian feel i think and is a cute detail, her father will cherish as he thinks everything i ever knit for his little polar bear is an heirloom.

if you want to know more about norwegian knitting get annechen sibberns bohn's book of norwegian stitch patterns or vibeke lind: knitting in the nordic tradition. i think both can be purchased second hand. i had both for years and they are sources of inspiration.


tiennie said...

Your work is so fantastic!

Peggy said...

Beautiful work!! Yes, Alba's father is right, everything you knit is an heirloom!