Thursday, July 26, 2007


there is progress on the little trio of 'lusekofter'. tomorrow i will cast on for carl's lusekofte which is not really going to be a lusekofte but a sweater based on a norwegian children's sweater with star borders and 'lice' in stripes. very much like the striped norwegian rasta cap i did this spring.

the colours are rowanspun thor and catkin, brown and green tweed for a little green-eyed boy. and this is the least norwegian colour choice of the three.

it has been great fun to make a very 'personal' sweater for each child. but i am happy that i have only one left.

one advantage of knitting series of things is that one can improve the techniques with every garment. when i knitted alba's lusekofte i followed the instructions of the boatneck in knitting around and had no idea about what i was doing. i made a purl row, i increased like a madwoman and voila i had the nicest little inch of knitting to hem down. i really like the technique and realized that it is not neccesarily bad to be a blind follower. this time, since i knew what i was doing, i could plan a knit the collar in blue to match the lower hem. maybe i knit series instead of ripping.


Anonymous said...

Lol... I knit in a series because I have jealous children!

tiennie said...

These sweaters are so lovely and after this last one - what will you knit next?